Finnish Navy in WWII Good pages about this subject. Good pictures of Finnish World War 2 Armour.

The Battles of the Winter War Excellent site about Winter War (1939 - 1940).

Jatkosota - Continuation War 1941 - 1944 Something, which has needed and waited for a long time - Good site about Continuation War (1941 - 1944).

C.G.E. Mannerheim Telling about Finnish history without Mannerheim is as impossible as telling about Mannerheim without Finnish history.

The Generals of World War II Highly recommended site.

A selection of events and documents on history of Finland The most important documents, which effected history of what is now Finland. For those searching a larger perspective or some important historical document.

The World at War, History of WW 1939 - 1945 Huge website full of knowledge.

Gothia Arms Historical Society Excellent webpages (mainly) about Swedish weaponry.

Patria Industries Finnish number one producer of defence materials

Helsingin maa- ja merilinnoitus, Krepost Viapori Good site about WW1 fortifications around Finnish capital Helsinki.

Mosin Nagant dot Net This site with huge amount of unique information and excellent forums will blow your mind away! Best site about Mosin-Nagant rifles in the net and excellent articles about Finnish tunics, Soviet Tokarev rifles, Soviet WW2-era rifles and much more.

7,, A Mosin Nagant reference Remarkable site about Mosin-Nagant rifles. Recommended reading to all Mosin-Nagant owners.

Achtung Panzer! Excellent site about German WW2 armour.

Feldgrau, The German Armed Forces 1919 - 1945 Excellent site.

Axis History Factbook, also excellent forum.

Recommended Discussion Forums:

Axis History Forum Excellent discission forum. Wide variety of subjects with very high quality of discussion. If you have question concerning Finnish military in World War 2 try the Winter War and Continuation War section of the Forum.

Gunboards Military Mosin Nagant Forums Got a question about historical firearm? If the people in these forums don't know the reply, then nobody does.


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